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 City Night Life

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 City Night Life

 City Night Life

 City Night Life

 City Night Life

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Las Vegas

Situated in the dry and arid southwest corner of Nevada, Las Vegas is the self-proclaimed and undisputed entertainment capital of the world. It rises out of the desert like a huge neon slot machine, its flashing lights promising riches and pleasures untold.

The town was incorporated in 1911 but the real birth of Vegas is popularly perceived as 1946, when gangster Bugsy Siegel opened the Flamingo Hotel and the state levied the first gaming taxes. Las Vegas quickly became known as Sin City, a haven for thrill-seekers and entertainment junkies, where every night was a Saturday night.

To a great extent the same attractions still drive the city, with gambling generating some $6 billion in tax revenue in 2001. However, the last decade has seen the city successfully reinvent itself as a family-friendly, holiday destination; shedding the seedier side of its image.

America's fastest growing city remains dedicated to the provision of fun and thrills, but while the neon is still visible from every point, there is a growing maturity and a thriving culture behind the bright lights.

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